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Other recent titles include books by Victoria Waddle, Hồng-Mỹ Basrai and liz gonzález.

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Los NLos Nietos Press Logo Rev Cietos Press is dedicated to the countless generations of people whose lives and labor created the world community that today spreads over the coastal floodplain known simply as Los Angeles.

 We take our name from the Los Nietos Spanish land grant that was south and east of the downtown area. In doing so, we seek to honor all who have contributed to the history and present culture of this region – from the early Tongva and Gabrielino people to the diverse millions who have come from around the world to build a life here.

Our purpose is to serve local writers so they may share their words with many, in the form of tangible books that can be held and read and passed on.  This written art form is one way we realize our common bonds and help each other discover what is meaningful in life.

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