“Wingless” – New Book by Linda Singer

Los Nietos Press is proud to announce Linda Singer’s new book of poems, “Wingless”.

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Linda Singer is a Southern California poet who has been published in several poetry journals including Lummox, Incandescent Mind, Short Poems Ain’t Got Nobody to Love, The Moment, Manuscript, Addiction and Spring Harvest.

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“Linda Singer poems persuade that all poems are love poems, either by inclusion or difference. Her poems of love lived, gathered, and survived, extract the sweetness of the water of life whether it be in the form of cruel ice or evasive vapor. While mapping the strange dances between angels and crows, she convinces that in passion, loss, and struggle, selfless ‘wingless’ love is the only true reward.”
— Gary Jacobelly, playwright and poet

“I’ve always admired Linda Singer and her ability to write about life as seen through thea eyes of experience. This collection is no exception. In it she tackles all the mortal sins, examines them carefully, makes an evaluation and moves on. There is no melodrama, no emoting, none of the pretense that is ever-present in modern poetry. She’s as refreshing as a cool drink of water!”
— RD Armstrong, poet & publisher (www.lummoxpress.com)

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“Linda Singer is a story teller. She captures the reader with her ‘smoldering dreams/ of pleasure and sanction and consent.’ This is not a roses and violins book of love poems. It’s the bloody, giddy, real deal.”
— Elaine Mintzer, Natural Selections

“Pure theatre, these pieces are like torch songs in a smoky night club. Seductive and heartfelt, they purr like a cat, and then pounce. Singer has mastered the wry sense of humor that comes with self-knowledge. Vulnerable and honest, these poems reveal the longings of a sophisticated lady.”
— Lorine Parks, Persons of Interest

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