“So Cali” – New Book by Trista Dominqu

DSC_1023 - CopyThis second collection of poetry continues Trista Dominqu’s tour through the blue-collar working class Southern California that moves beneath the glitz of Hollywood, the money Santa Monica and the Chrome skyline of Downtown. In poems such as “So Cali”, “Working Class Blue” and “45 minutes of Spanglish” she explores the world of steel-toed shoes, tattooed forearms, skate parks and mills South East of the city epicenter.

This book is personal, matter-of-fact, and will reach your soul.

“In So Cali, Trista Dominqu tells us what it is really like to grow up in Southern California. It is a place where different cultures rub up against each other with their food, music, and language; where graffiti is art; where the beach is a long trolley ride away. A place where the most important thing is not the weather, is not surfing, is not Hollywood; it is family.”
– G. Murray Thomas, My Kidney Just Arrived

“Trista Dominqu’s collection, So Cali, reads like a family photo album … with childhood moments of trolley rides, anthills, avocados, pool dives, and June bugs. It zooms out to a working class neighborhood, with baseball caps and flannels, young mothers and gutter kids, local libraries and Spanish teachers, and sons with protective mothers. … You will close these pages with images so tangible, vibrant, and immediate, you will confuse them with memories of your own.”
-Sarah Thursday, All the Tiny Anchors

So_Cali_Cover SMALL_for_Kindle - CopyDominqu’s first book, “The Beauty of Muttliness,” debuted in 2013 at Poetry Matters. She has also performed at such venues as the La Puente art walk, Poetry Palooza and the Green Salon. Her work has appeared in Full of Crow and Cadence Collective online poetry magazines, and multiple anthologies by Cadence Collective, Lummox Press and Lucid Moose Lit.



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