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“Acts of Contrition,” by Victoria Waddle

Acts of Contrition, by Victoria Waddle, is now available for Presale.

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Los Nietos Press is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Acts of Contrition, a collection of short stories by Victoria Waddle. Presales are available now; the book release date is March 15, 2021.

A resident of the Inland Empire, Victoria Waddle has created a gripping short story collection about the complex lives of modern women. The women in Acts of Contrition face society’s devaluation, from parents, from elders, from all who assume authority of them. Some can look back and laugh, some find luck in their escape from harm, some engineer their own good fortune, all the while riding a wave of dark humor. They battle oppressions as simple as gender stereotyping, as complex as prerequisites to friendship or love. What all the characters come to understand is that silence places them at greater risk than speaking out. They progress toward freedom through the telling of their stories.

Why Presales?  Presales are important to the the life and popularity of the book, to the author, and to the press. They show other potential readers, and book sellers,  that readers value the author’s work and are looking forward to the release.

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Here is what reviewers have to say:

Acts of Contrition is a great collection, one I read in a single sitting, the stories sly and engaging, hilariously dark and always surprising. The women of Victoria Waddle’s fiction are characters I’d spend much more time with – they are brutally honest, have excellent talents at remembering, and they soldier on with grace and humor and wine.”
Susan Straight, author of eight novels, including Highwire Moon, and one memoir, In the Country of Women 

In “Solvent,” one of the later stories in this collection, a reformed Evangelical-Christian-turned-New-agey-vegan-spiritual pyramid scheme saleswoman demonstrates the effectiveness of a caustic cleaning product over an heirloom dining table to a pair of tipsy Mormon missionary boys and a mother-daughter team of Jehovah’s Witnesses. In this one anecdote, the entire collection is distilled.”
—Cati Porter, author of The Body at a Loss, Director of Inlandia Institute

“I love Victoria Waddle’s Acts of Contrition for the way it sees life not as mundane but as meaningful. What a lesser writer might have missed about the meaning of those moments that pass us by, Waddle is able to explore, and her stories are extraordinary. They are magic. They draw out both the absurdity of personal mythologies found in tarot cards, prayers, and omens and the wonder in them as well. They find the magic in the extraordinary and in the every day.”
—John Brantingham, Poet Laureate of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

Victoria Waddle Author Photo cropped 1_5 x 1_5Victoria Waddle has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, is a Bosque Magazine Fiction Prize finalist and is included in Best Short Stories from The Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction Contest. She is the managing editor of Inlandia: A Literary Journey, the literary journal of the Inlandia Institute.



Behind the Red Curtain — Signed Copy Sale extended

Behind the Red Curtain: a Memoir, by Hồng-Mỹ Basrai

 Dear Reader,

The ongoing pandemic has changed the lives of so many of us. In light of these circumstances, the formal launch of this new and important book has been postponed. However,  we will continue to offer signed copies of Behind the Red Curtain  for the indefinite future.

Signed Copies are available here.
 Hong-My and her books
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Praise for Behind the Red Curtain.

“With Behind the Red Curtain, Hồng-Mỹ Basrai has rendered a  compelling and courageous story of her life and survival during the fall of South Vietnam. In gripping prose, she recounts her family’s repeated desperate and dangerous efforts to emigrate afterwards, and even harsh imprisonment under the post-war communist regime. With a deft writer’s hand and eye for detail, Basrai brings us into the intimacy and beauty of her Vietnamese culture and her family’s heritage, and then launches us into a journey that is heartbreaking, hopeful and triumphant all at the same time. Behind the Red Curtain is a must-read book that will keep readers glued to the page and change their lives forever.”

—Ms. Ruth Nolan, M.F.A., M.A., professor of English at College of the Desert, editor of No Place for a Puritan: the Literature of California’s Deserts and author of Ruby Mountain.

“The heart of Behind the Red Curtain consists of the nearly unimaginable difficulties of escaping to freedom; the details of repeated failed plans; the brushes with injury and death by land and by sea; the loss of savings; and the work to start over and over again. The tenacity of the family, their collective will power as they help one another through everything, including imprisonment, is inspiring.”

—Victoria Waddle, retired teacher librarian, managing editor for the journal Inlandia: A Literary Journey and contributor to Southern California News Group’s “Literary Journeys” feature, which celebrates writers and their work.

“A riveting and poignant memoir written in lyrical and moving prose. This story will touch your heart.”

— Kathleen Harrington, Highland Lairds Trilogy

Hong-My Basrai Updated CroppedBorn and raised in Saigon, Vietnam, Hồng-Mỹ Basrai (née Lê) is fluent in Vietnamese and French. Hồng-Mỹ’s love for literature and languages was evident from a very young age. Transplanted at twenty-two to Southern California, she picked up English and improvised with the borrowed language to make it her own. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from California State University, Pomona and an informal degree in self-taught English. She is a member of the Writers Club of Whittier. Hồng-Mỹ ‘s writings can be found in Eastlit Literary Journal2011 Writing from Inlandia AnthologyEast Jasmine Review, and Invisible Memoirs “Lionhearted”.

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“Dancing in the Santa Ana Winds’ captures grief, life and culture in the Inland Empire”

“There is a new book of poetry and prose on the horizon of the Inland Empire, a book  establishing its place in the literature and lore of our tantalizing region and carving out its own  storied spaces here in the voice of San Bernardino Valley native liz gonzález,” says Ruth Nolan, Contributing Columnist to the Inland Empire’s Press-Enterprise newspaper.

liz g and chacho close up

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“‘Dancing in the Santa Ana Winds: Poems y Cuentos New and Selected,’ published by Los Nietos Press this summer, places gonzález’s family and personal stories on a word map of her own making that is recognizable to readers familiar with our region’s geographic templates and Chicana, Mexican American and Mexican immigrant cultural iconographies,” says Nolan. “The book’s  vibrant writing is both personal and universal in its appeal.”

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Clifton Snider – “The Beatle Bump”


A must read for any Beatles fan, Clifton Snider’s book of poems, The Beatle Bump, is an inspired, unique look at the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band of all time.  Written in the years after the murder of John Lennon, The Beatle Bump explores the Beatles as an archetypal, in the Jungian sense, world-wide phenomenon.  The poems, often irreverent and playful as were the Beatles themselves, are written in a variety of forms–free verse, song lyrics, nonsense verse, a sonnet, and even a couple of fan letters.  The Beatle Bump is both a time capsule and a work of lasting art.

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clifton_smaller_by_patrick_letrondoClifton Snider, faculty emeritus at Cal State University Long Beach, is the internationally celebrated author of ten books of poetry. A career retrospective of his work, Moonman: New and Selected Poems, was published to great acclaim by World Parade Books in 2012. He has published four novels, including his first historical novel, The Plymouth Papers (Spout Hill Press, 2014).  A Jungian/Queer literary critic, his book, The Stuff That Dreams Are Made On, was published in 1991, and he has published hundreds of poems, short stories, reviews, and articles internationally.  He pioneered LGBT literary studies at CSULB.  His work has been translated into Arabic, French, Spanish, and Russian.

“With a combination of history and whimsy, Clifton Snider impressionistically captures the essence of being a Beatles fan.”

—G. Murray Thomas, My Kidney Just Arrived

“The Beatle Bump takes us back to the world of the Fab Four. This is not just a love letter to the band, but an exploration of what it was like to be alive and in love with the Beatles. He takes us on a journey from the time of the Cavern Club all the way through to the years after we lost John. This was an emotional journey, a retelling of my early life. Snider might be one of the best poets alive today. He’s certainly one of my favorites.”

—John Brantingham, The Green of Sunset

Sharing Stories: Global Voices Coming Together


Los Nietos Press is pleased to announce the release of Sharing Stories: Global Voices Coming Together.

This collection of 39 stories  by members of the The Creative Writing for Seniors class, held at the Norwalk Senior Center, is a celebration of the stories that have poured out of this class over many years. The anthology contains the work of 39 authors, selected from the “Shared Stories” columns that have appeared over the last three years in The Downey Patriot and The Norwalk Patriot.

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“The weekly column from which these pieces come … is an example of journalism at its most organic, with raw and honest storytelling that shines a light on the American way of life, in all its varied forms.”
— Eric Pierce, Editor, The Downey Patriot


For more than a decade, a senior center southeast of downtown Los Angeles has been a gathering place for individuals who come to learn about writing and to share their stories.  Some participants join the group as new writers, while others have dabbled in poetry and various forms of prose.   It is a friendly group, always open to newcomers.

Group Photo

Members come from all walks of life – housewives, office workers, veterans, educators, medical personnel — and their backstories reflect the diversity of southern California.  They are both native born and immigrant.

Some grew up without running water in the Midwest, others grew up without running water in the Philippines.  Some grew up experiencing the conflicts of the segregated South, others had their youth sacrificed to war, here and in the Pacific. In various ways their stories reveal strength, courage, curiosity, compassion, and a desire to remain engaged with life.

Three years ago, The Downey Patriot began featuring the stories from this writing group in a weekly column, “Shared Stories.”  This anthology celebrates the column’s anniversary.

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Sabreen Adeeba Claire Hess
Yolanda Adelé Angelo Holt
Nobuyo Avery Daniela Kanz
Charlotte Boquist Virginia “Ginger” Lane
Karen Borrell Shirley Mark
Mina Anne Chudilowsky Frank Novak
Janice Collins Kikumi Kay Okino
“Kacie” Kathy Cooper Noemi Rabina
Gail Earl Yolanda Reyna
Charlene Farnsworth Dulce Ruelos
Belle Fluhart Dora Silvers
Maria Lourdes Garcia Sharon Benson Smith
Barbara Goodhue Barbara Keesee Sparks
Maria Helen Gutierrez Loie Tannehill
Kay Halsey Katie Troy
Helen Hampton Cynthia “Cindy” Vanasse
Gloria Hannigan Evelyn Watson
Elaine Held Vickie E.  Williams
Owen Heninger, M.D. Candy Wong
Maria Zeeman